To build a profitable payment processing company that would automate both online and offline payment and collections processes for businesses in Africa. An Intimate business payments company that feels familiar. A “For Us By Us” payments processing company. For Africa, built by Africans.


An association of industry colleagues who have come together to drive solutions and services that projects the culmination of the sum total of combined experiences working in the Fintech industry.

Our team was tasked with developing a brand identity and visual design system that accurately reflects the core of our client's brand. This includes identifying and communicating their values and principles through a cohesive visual language that will be applied consistently across all marketing materials and touchpoints.


Our goal was to create a brand identity and visual design system that truly represents who our client is and what they stand for as a brand.

OnUs is revolutionizing the way payments are made in Africa by offering endless possibilities for online and offline transactions. As a financial services company, OnUs enables African businesses to receive payments from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Through their innovative platform, They are empowering African businesses to expand their reach and access new markets, ultimately driving economic growth and prosperity across the continent. In addition to facilitating payments, OnUs also offers a range of financial services, including BankOnUs and PayOnUs.

Project Team

Lead Consultant: Uche Ugo

M  Motion: Teslim Abu
A  Art Direction, Design Director: Uche Ugo

CW  Copy Writing: Uche Ugo

MP  Mock-Up: Precious Yara



June Ebube


Stephanie Itemuagbor